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What young people really want to see under the Christmas tree

Anyone who wants to give a special Christmas gift to a young person should be a little adventurous and personally pick out a watch or piece of jewelry for them. Why not? Gift coupons appeal to only a minority. These are the findings of the INHORGENTA MUNICH Trend Index by Messe München. A total of 1,040 women and men between the ages of 18 and 35 were questioned as part of the representative survey.

“Millennials love watches and jewelry,” says Stefanie Mändlein, Exhibition Director of INHORGENTA MUNICH, the international trade fair for watches, jewelry and gemstones that will be held from February 22–25, 2019. “This also means that they love to be surprised. This is great news for the watchmaking and jewelry industry. It shows that their products trigger strong emotional responses even among young people.”

The survey found that women prefer classic wristwatches and silver jewelry most often (66 percent for each type). Gold or platinum jewelry (56 percent) ranked third. In contrast, men prefer classic wristwatches (63 percent), smartwatches (51 percent) and gold and platinum jewelry (48 percent). Only 39 percent of women and 35 percent preferred to receive gift coupons.

Overall, millennials say they want to spend more money on jewelry and watches next year. Forty-three percent of them said they would increase their spending on watches in 2019. Forty-two percent said they wanted to spend more money on jewelry. Between 41 percent and 42 percent of them expressed plans to keep their spending at a stable level.

“The results of the survey are a positive signal for the entire industry,” says Klaus Dittrich, the Chairman and CEO of Messe München. “They show that jewelry and watches continue to fascinate people. Young people are no exception. They would love to find some beautiful jewelry or a stylish watch under the Christmas tree.”


 Inhorgenta 19/12/2018