Els Vansteelandt


“Anything can be inspiration for me. I just need to look around, observe, let my
imagination start to flow and connect shapes.
The emotional impulses that inspire me to design, lead me straight to the precious metal.
I begin working with an idea about the form a piece of jewellery or an object will take.
Much happens as I work, and I let my material take the lead. Whether this process results in a brooch or a silver spoon… cannot be predicted.
Unforeseen events and unexpected variations make my material an endless world in which to explore and discover.”

Els Vansteelandt °1961, Brussels, Belgium

Since 1997 self- employed gold- and silversmith.
Her work is being exhibited and offered for sail in Belgium, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Luxemburg and the Nederland’s

Since 2001 selected by ‘ Design Flanders ‘ and in Permanent Art collections
2006 “Price Henry van de Velde” selection best product
March 2010 Opening Gallery and open workshop
Papenvest 15 (Quartier Dansaert)
1000 Brussels

Gérante et fondatrice du magazine Jewels & Watches Info, magazine professionnel édité pour la Belgique et le Grand Duché du Luxembourg